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Our company is a maker of medical instruments specializing in surgical and dental products, and has advanced into the global markets. Our ideal is “To contribute for the welfare of people all over the world through development, production, and supply of the products useful for patients and doctors”. In the “development, production, and supply”, we always keep our basic policy: “The best quality in the world, to the world” in mind. In order to realize such ideal and policy, we have created our own original technology, and have endeavored to grasp and cope with the needs and requirements of markets since the establishment of our business. Thanks to these accumulated technology and techniques, we can manufacture our current products. It is just persons which have studied, created, and improved these technology and techniques. We want to attach great importance to the employees who have such techniques or have ability to study, create, and improve them. In addition, we would like to further open up our company to society. We’re confident that our current products are of the highest quality in the world. However, we don’t consider naturally that they leave nothing to be desired. We would further meet the requirements of doctors and add new products. To seek doctors’ opinions and to reflect them are our duties and are indispensable in realizing our ideal and policy. We hope you will guide and encourage us.
On behalf of the management and employees of MANI, I appreciate our shareholders and stakeholders for your continued supports.